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The company Cameronet was founded in 2005. The expertise at that time was in the manufacture and sale of VoIP telecommunications systems and ISDN cards. The electronics development division was constantly expanded.

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100% Electronics Development

15 years of Experience

Development projects such as a fingerprint access system for the company Gira, embedded USB server and electronically controlled battery crimping pliers demonstrate the broad development expertise that has been built up over the course of eleven years.

We also offer our customers complete EMC pre-measurements. With our own measuring booth and current measuring equipment, we cover all the necessary standards and can carry out measurements up to 8 GHz.

In 2007 we expanded our company with an SMD production line. With two assembly lines to date, we are able to manufacture series products and prototypes.

As our own product lines, we have been successfully selling our ISDN cards since the company was founded and, since 2008, embedded CPU modules, which are currently used primarily in building communication solutions.

Our range currently includes four processor variants. Our electronics development has expanded further in the past three years. Investments were made in new development and measurement equipment.

High End Automotive

when precision is of life importance

Fully Sequential Engine Control Unit with Extreme Accuracy when performance and reliability are a necessity. The LemonECU is a modern sequential Motor Control System for combustion Engines. The ECU is based on a realtime System to control multipoint injection and ignition.

In combination with an upgrade Lemonboard the system is able to log each event within each turn of an engine. This information is very helpful in diagnosis and tuning. One of the unique features of the ECU is its unique mechanical design. It consist of two parts which are plugged into each other. One half is the ECU itself and the other half is the adaptation to the original ECU connector of the car/bike.

L-ECU currently available for all high end sports cars. We can demonstrate our L-ECU with the following to cars we in house:

  • RADICAL SR3 (also turbo conversion)
  • Lotus Elise 1.8 K-Series.

System is compatible with all combustion engines. The get the proper results we can mapped and re-program our ECU for the best results for your car in-house on our rolling road. (Due to the Corona we do not accept any new orders for in-house tuning)

Additional our development team are currently working on an adaption to the radical SR8 engine.

With our own customization of the ZEISS SPECTRUM Precision Measuring Machine.

We are able to identifying defective parts via precision and efficiency. With Advanced Scanning Technology, Computer Aided Accuracy (CAA), High Resolution Measuring, System Stability – ZEISS SPECTRUM is an unmatched system in its class. We can measure variations and defects at 1 micrometer (0.001mm).

As an Engineering and R&D company, Cameronet stands for extreme precision and direct delivery capabilities.

“Through our QA track we assure the highest quality end result.”

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Chief Quality Assurance

SMT / THT Production

With our two production lines we offer the highest quality and flexibility for our customers. As part of our developments or on behalf of customers, we are able to completely manufacture and commission prototypes within a few days. When manufacturing series products, it is our aim after product development to work with our customer to design the best possible production process. The combination of development and subsequent series production from a single source brings a large number of advantages. This is the only way to continuously improve the product after development. All products manufactured by us go through a 100% test.

Production Line 1

1x Siemens Siplace S20
1x Siemens Siplace F4

Production Line 2

1x Siemens Siplace S15
1x Siemens Siplace F3
Reflow Ofen:
Soltec Quantis Pro II (zehn Heizzonen)


SCHUKO socket with LED orientation light

Gira KeylessIn Fingerprint

Gira KeylessIn code keypad

Gira TKS-IP-Gateway

WUT USB over Ethernet Server

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